ATTN: For the Fall of 2019, Parliament Funkadelic meets at 6:30pm on Mondays in the MHB Board Room. 


The Colby Music Incubator's mission is to nurture Colby College's music scene and provide resources to its student musicians. The club plans a variety of concerts each semester and works with the Mary Low Coffee House to support its Friday Night Live program. The CMI also works with Mayflower Hill Studios and the Colby Production Guild to provide access to an extensive selection of rentable gear, a practice space, a recording space, sound engineers, and paid gigs. 



How do I get gear for a concert?

The CMI does not actually provide any gear. All gear is provided for CMI concerts by the Colby Production Guild. You can find the gear rental form on their page.

How can I play a concert?

So you want to play a concert? That's great! The CMI can help you with this in a couple of ways: If you just want to play but don't really know or care where, then the best thing to do is to reach out to the current president of the CMI. They will help to fit you into the next concert opportunity. Depending on the size/style of your act, they might also reccomend that you sign up for the Friday Night Live Program at the Mary Low Coffee House. If you do know where/when you want to play, but do not have anyone to pay you to do so, you should reach out to the CMI Presidents or attend the weekly Parliament Funkadelic!

Where is the CMI?

The CMI is not actually a "place" per-se, but most members pay for access to the Mayflower Hill Studio's Practice and/or Studio Room. These rooms are located in the basement of Roberts Hall, along with the other 8 clubs that are part of Mayflower Hill Broadcasting.

Who runs the CMI?

The CMI is run by two co-presidents who are elected each year by a majority vote. This year (2018/2019), the CMI's presidents are Samuel Guenther and Olivia Wandres.

How can I join the CMI exec board?

You'll want to talk to the co-presidents of the CMI if you are interested in taking on a position on the executive board!

Do I need to pay to be a member of the CMI?

Nope! The CMI is open and free to all students!

How do I record music?

You'll want to head on over to Mayflower Hill Studios if you want to record music!